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Centre for Applied Macroeconomics and Commodity Prices (CAMP)

CAMP is established to bring together economists working on applied macroeconomic issues, with special emphasis on energy economics.

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15/2019 FNI Update September – Signalling a Contraction
14/2019 FNI Update August – Increased Uncertainty
13/2019 FNI Update July - A Stronger Business Cycle
12/2019 FNI Update June – Growth Above Trend
11/2019 On the use of machine learning for causal inference in climate economics
10/2019 Changing supply elasticities and regional housing booms
09/2019 FNI Update May – The Business Cycle is around Trend
08/2019 News-driven inflation expectations and information rigidities
07/2019 New Kid on the Block? China vs the US in World Oil Markets
06/2019 CAMP and CAMA Conference on Climate, Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy
05/2019 FNI Update April - A Stable Economy
04/2019 FNI Update March – Unchanged Economic Outlook
03/2019 FNI Update February – Stable Economic Outlook
02/2019 Multivariate Bayesian Predictive Synthesis in Macroeconomic Forecasting
02/2019 FNI Update January - A Weaker Business Cycle
01/2019 FNI Update December – An economic slowdown?


12/2018 Growth with Age-Dependent Preferences
12/2018 Mind the gap! Stylized dynamic facts and structural models
12/2018 International Transmission of Macroeconomic Uncertainty in Small Open Economies: An Empirical Approach
12/2018 On the China factor in international oil markets: A regime switching approach
12/2018 A composite likelihood approach for dynamic structural models
12/2018 FNI Update November – The index remains stable through the month
11/2018 State Space Models with Endogenous Regime Switching
11/2018 FNI Update October – Is the business cycle turning?
10/2018 The Shale Oil Boom and the U.S Economy Spillovers and Time Varying Effects
10/2018 Welcome