Research Topic

Quantified Identities

Globally, millions of people are tracking their daily behaviors in a process called ‘self-quantification’. We are studying the stages which make up this complex process and its implications for self-perception, privacy, and the work environment.


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Sub-Topics and Findings

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Collaborating Institutions

Leuphana University, University of Applied Sciences Lucerne


Activities and Career Paths

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Key Publications

Maltseva, K., Fieseler, C., & Trittin-Ulbrich, H. (2018). The challenges of gamifying CSR communication. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, online first, 1-19. Journal link

Maltseva, K., & Lutz, C. (2018). A quantum of self: A study of self-quantification and self-disclosure. Computers in Human Behavior, 81, 102-114. Journal link

Trittin, H., Fieseler, C., & Maltseva, K. (2018). The Serious and the Mundane: Reflections on Gamified CSR Communication. Journal of Management Inquiry, online first, 1-4. Journal link