Research Centre

Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

Bringing together a wide range of disciplines, various methodologies, and diverse viewpoints, we seek to analyse and understand the growing influence of digital technologies on working life and society.

The Nordic Centre for Internet and Society is always open to interacting with interested researchers, companies, and organisations in both the public and private sector. As we are a growing team of international scholars, we aim to continually foster future collaboration efforts across the diverse sub-fields within which we specialise. Read below some of the ways that you can get involved:

Flagship Projects

As one factor of our growth, the centre is currently establishing a small number of flagship projects with both international outreach and substantial scale. These projects will observe Internet-enabled social phenomena with a longitudinal perspective.

In a first step, we will concentrate our efforts on three flagship projects – one on each level of the Nordic Centre's research profile:

  • 'Digital Legitimacy' on the macro level.
  • 'Leading Digitally' on the meso level.
  • 'Affective Labor' on the micro level.

In a second step, we will acquire additional flagship projects as well as smaller, more applied projects with a more regional scale. These will serve to investigate specific aspects of the economic transformation stemming from the emergence of Internet technology.

If you or your company/organisation is interested in implementing a project with us, please contact us directly at

International Research Centre Collaboration

Furthering our goals of international collaboration, the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society is a proud member of the Global Network of Interdisciplinary Internet & Society Research Centres, the umbrella organisation for research on the social implications of the Internet. The Global Network currently includes, among others, The Alexander von Humboldt Institute, The Berkman Centre, The MIT Media Lab and the Oxford Internet Institute.

We also closely collaborate with a number of international institutes, including:

  • Rotterdam School of Management
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • University of Leipzig
  • University of St. Gallen

If your Research Centre is interested in collaboration, please contact us directly at

Advisory Board

The Nordic Centre had its first advisory board meeting in June. This newly established advisory board helps the Centre shape its overall research, fundraising, and outreach strategy.

The board currently consists of members from (in alphabetical order):

  • Accenture - Chris Hirst
  • Basefarm - Marcel Ravenshorst
  • Cisco - Fredrik Kallum
  • HR-Norge - Lars Christian Elvenes
  • Innovasjon Norge - Yvonne Fosser
  • IKT Norge - Roger Schjerva
  • NHO - Rune Foshaug
  • Team Conclude - Ivar Kroghrud
  • Telenor - Anne Flagstad
  • Wikimedia - Jan Gerlach

The composition of the board aims to reflect the different sectors and areas of interest that are highly relevant to the Nordic Centre.

In particular, Accenture and Cisco help us to stay close to state-of-the-art computer-mediated communication technologies and how organizations might take advantages of them.

Innovasjon Norge, IKT Norge, and NHO help us to connect with the Norwegian industry environment and respective developments.

With Basefarm and Telenor, we aim to gain insights into the telecom and internet industries.

With HR-Norge, we aim to reach out to HR professionals in Norway and to seek their opinions and practices in handling digitalization in organizations.

Team Conclude, representing a start-up segment, helps us in seeing how start-ups may gain advantages from current technology advancements in their business innovation.

Last but not least, Wikimedia helps us in understanding the dynamics of crowdsourcing knowledge platforms.