Get started with Twitter

Here are some tips to get started with Twitter!

For many, Twitter is something time consuming. So what can you gain from spending that time? And how do you get started quickly?

Good reasons to be on Twitter

  1. Participate in public dialogue with academic opinions.
    I am interested in higher education in general and especially teaching and learning. I can discuss views and new input with colleagues from other institutions on Twitter.
  2. Academic update.
    Actually, yes. My colleagues from all over the world are posting articles, research, reports and blog posts on Twitter. I can also read other people's comments or blog posts about these researches and reports, and this helps me decide which articles to prioritize.
  3. Academic discussion with students. 
    Are your students on Twitter? Then you can kick-start their academic sense there. Have them follow big names in your field (they are present on Twitter more often than not), have them comment news reports and reflect on what they read in the media.

I am convinced - now how do i get started?

  1. Go to twitter.com and sign up. We recommend that you register with your full name, picture and a short descriptive biography (maximum 140 characters!), that makes it easier to find you.

  2. Twitter will recommend people you can follow. We advice you to follow more people in the beginning, to get the feel of it, and then unfollow the less interesting people after a while. Give people a chance.

  3. To get you own followers, participating in discussions and answering other people's tweets is a good way to start. People often prefer to follow others who participate as much as themselves. Unless you are Jens Stoltenberg. Then people will follow you anyway.

  4. The tweets of the people you follow will appear on a newsfeed that is continuously updated. If you want to reply to a tweet or retweet it to your followers, you can click on the tweets and select i.e. 'reply'. You can also favourite tweets, which is a way to save a tweet for later.

  5. Do you need more tips or advice? Stop by the centre in A4i in Nydalen, Oslo.