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Kahoot is a social learning game. It is used in the classroom to activate and motivate students, test out their knowledge, repeat the curriculum and to have fun.

Kahoot can be used in a various types of ways; group quiz, ask questions from the lecture, start a discussion or combine theories, games and cooperation. To join a Kahoot, the participants need to have a smartphone, iPad, computer or similar with internet access.

Get started
Kahoot is a simple and intuitive tool. It is easy to be registered and it is free to use. Go to getkahoot.com and sign in. Get registered with your personal profile.

When you log in to Kahoot, you have three options: create a quiz, a discussion or a survey. Quiz is the most used feature, where the students get points for right answers. The survey is similar to the quiz, but you do not get points for right answers. There is therefore no right and wrong answers. The discussion option contains just one question and does not give points. Discussions are often useful way to warm up the class and start the conversation.

It might be useful to present your first test to colleagues or your family to get feedback before you present it in the classroom. Making a Kahoot is simple. Just type in the question and answer options and set the time limit if desired. If you should need any help or ideas, please contact BI LearningLab.

How to play Kahoot for students
Go to getkahoot.com, choose «play» and then «Launch». The participants/students plays the Kahoot by going to kahoot.it with their smart phone, PC, tablet etc. To access the game they need to enter the PIN code that appears on your screen. You need to share your screen in the classroom as this is where the questions appear.