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All online courses use exam preparation webinars, which escalate the total number of webinars at BI. But a webinar can also be used for other learning activities and an increasing number of faculty are using webinars as a resource in their teaching.

A webinar can be used as a replacement for the traditional lecture on campus, or as a supplement, for example as exam preparation or as a question hour.

In Adobe Connect different lay-outs can be used to share content with the students during an online lecture. Video-transfer, Power Point slides or media files, shared screen or writing on a SmartPodium are all options. You can also create a collaborative space where students participate by asking questions on a chat, or prepare presentations for each other. All the students need is and the link to the virtual meeting room, and an updated Flash Player.

Today, there are 26 users with personal licenses for AdobeConnect, which means that they can host webinars whenever and wherever they wish. The LearningLab support team also aids many faculty members who don't need their own license, but still needs to have a few webinars. During spring 2016, over 30 exam preparation webinars have been held for online courses, and on top of that a lot of users have done lectures, tutoring, question times and panel debates with AdobeConnect as their tool.

Read more about Adobe Connect. For more information, contact ll-support@bi.no

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