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Blended learning

Blended learning is a teaching method that combines on campus teaching with digital learning activities. The distribution between campus and online activities can be balanced, or in favour of one or the other.

The aim is to utilize the strengths of both digital and non-digital teaching methods, in a way that increases overall learning. Blended learning is one of BI's focus areas in order to be a modern and digital institution.

  • Utilize the opportunities that exist within learning technology to increase flexibility and learning outcome
  • A more consistent course design with a clear BI profile
  • Defined frames of delivery to clarify expected content
  • Consistent quality across all courses

Three concepts of blended learning

Online courses
In an online course, all teaching and learning activities are online. You don't need to come to class. If seminars are offered at campus, they should be used for motivation, reflection, study skills and preparation for examinations.

Blended learning courses
In a blended course you need to come to class - as well as participate in activities online. The class and the online activities are planned to complement each other and are to be aligned.

Campus based courses
In a class-based course you will need to come to class. Online activities are supplements to other activities, and the online resources are mainly used to prepare for class and for after class reflection.

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