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Flipped classroom

Flipped classroom has been used as a pedagogical concept on BI since 2012. An experiment in mathematics shows that the exam results are better for students following the flipped classroom than for students following the traditional lecture.

Flipped classroom

The project that begun in 2012 was financed by Norgesuniversitetet and was a collaboration between BI and the University College of Nord-Trøndelag. From BI Dag Sommervoll, Njål Foldnes and LearningLab were involved.

Njål Foldnes is the one lecturer at BI who has most systematically implemented the flipped classroom approach and evaluated the results. Foldnes teaches mathematics and statistics at BI Stavanger. He has already published one article about the difference in exam results for students in the flipped classroom versus students in the traditional lecture setting. Two more articles are in process, about other aspects of the flipped classroom approach.

More lecturers have been allocated funds through the BI2020 Pilot program to partly or completely replace lectures with the use of video, to free up lecture time to do more student engaging learning activities in the lecture hall.

  • Øyvind Kvalnes - Applied Business Ethics
  • Njål Foldnes - Mathematics for Economists
  • Siv Staubo - Use of video in Finance
  • Erik Wilberg - Strategy
  • Mark Brown with colleagues - Business Communication: Intercultural and Ethical Awareness
  • Laura Mercer Traavik - Improved training in negotiations by using video/flipped lecture
  • Astrid Heltne and Toril Sigstadstø - Research Methodology

The promising results from the pilot program led to an implementation project on the bachelor level, initiated by the provost for Studies and programs in 2015. From 2016 video is therefore used either to supplement or to replace lectures in statistics, mathematics, finance, strategy and business communication at several campuses.

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