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Giving feedback to students

Is it possible to give feedback to students without using to much time and effort? There are possibilities.

Feedback through self-assessment

Getting feedback as a student can imply that the student can check his or her knowledge in the course subject, and how much of the learning outcome that she or he masters. This is something that the student can find out by solving set tasks and get see how much of the tasks he or she are able to solve. Kahoot and Socrative are tools that can be used for this purpose in class. Between lectures voluntary tests in itslearning or uploading drawings of models and theories on Padlet, can serve the same purpose. There are more possibilities than the ones mentioned. As a lecturer you can facilitate these kinds of tasks, and giving the students the right answers to compare themselves with, in order to give feedback to students in large classes.

Feedback through peer-assessment

We know that students prefer getting feedback from the lecturer, and trust that feedback more than they trust feedback from each other. At the same time, we also know from research that students learn a lot both from giving and receiving feedback from peers. As a lecturer you can help students by giving them a template for giving each other feedback.

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