Understanding great teaching

This course is not about becoming a great teacher, but what you do to achieve great teaching. This involves you as a teacher, but also your students and your colleagues. In this course we explore your role as a teacher, your attitudes towards your students and how you work together with colleagues to achieve great teaching.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes – Knowledge

After completing this course, the participants

  • will be able to give examples of different teaching styles and how they see themselves as teachers.
  • will be able to recognize the difference between an inductive and deductive style when lecturing.
  • have introductory knowledge into how to reach an audience when producing a video.

Learning outcomes - Skills

After completing this course, the participants

  • will be able to give and receive peer feedback and use feedback to develop as a teacher
  • are able to produce a video.
  • have practiced pedagogical methods for activating students.

Learning Outcome – General Competence

After completing the course, the participants will appreciate how feedback is a valuable resource in developing great teaching.


Course content

  • Introduction to teaching at BI and teaching styles.
  • Practice how to introduce a lecture.
  • Practice how to go from example to theory.
  • Practice how to engage students.
  • Make a video.


25 hours, including preparations and active sessions.


100 % participation and a given paper is required to earn a diploma for the course.


Anders Tveit and Inger Carin Erikson.


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