About itslearning

itslearning is the platform BI uses to communicate and convey learning resources, tasks and other helpful information between lecureres and students.

itslearning is used both as a publishing tool for lecture notes and as a platform for different types of learning activities, such as assignments, multiple choice tests and discussion groups. As a lecturer, you have a great freedom in how to build a course room on itslearning.There are many tools to get students to participate. We recommend you to create a structure that is easily recognizable to the students.

The internal messaging system on itslearning makes it possible for all members of a campus to communicate. This means that students and lecturers can send messages to each other. We advice you to enable the option of forwarding messages to your email. You can do this under "Message settings" on your itslearning profile.

Do you need advice or ideas on how to use itslearning? See our itslearning guides, attend courses, ask LearningLab's support team for help or check out the itslearing course Teacher's Toolbox for inspiration. Every BI employee have access to Teacher's Toolbox on itslearning.

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