TodaysMeet is no longer available. With TodaysMeet teachers can create a «backchannel» that can be used as a tool for cooperating and discussing in the classroom.

TodaysMeet is no longer available.

In TodaysMeet students can ask questions and discuss without speaking in front of the whole class. As a teacher you need to decide whether you will read the chat while the lecture is going on (e.g. when the class is doing an assignment) or afterward.

One of TodaysMeets benefit is that neither you nor the students need to make an account to participate. To be able to find the room, you will need to have the right URL address. The page shows the debate chronologically and can easily be copied into another text editing program. TodaysMeet is a simple tool for use in the classroom and auditorium. The chat is only compatible with text. Pictures and videos cannot be added.

Get started
Go to www.todaysmeet.com to create a new room.

To start TodaysMeet, just give the room a name and set the time you want it to be active. The room will automatically disappear when the given time is out. TodaysMeet is free to use.

By giving the students the link to the room, everyone will be able to participate in the digital class discussion and ask questions. All the students need to do is to type in a nickname.

If you want to store the dialog, you can highlight the text you want to copy and press CTR+C. The text can then be copied in to in example a word document. It is convenient if the students are using their real name as the Nickname, as this makes it more structured. You can copy the text from the "Room Tools" – "Transcript".

Think about how long you want the room to be open, because it cannot be reopened when it is closed. Due to this, it is especially important to copy the desired dialogues.

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