Faculty and research


LearningLab is BI Norwegian Business School's resource center for teaching, learning and ICT.


We conduct systematic testing of new teaching methods, assessment methods and digital solutions to find out what provides the best learning for the students. Below are some of the projects LearningLab has completed or been part of, both in BI and in the sector.


The BI2020 project and the report form the backdrop to much of what is happening of systematic innovation of teaching and learning support at BI. Three scenarios for the future can be found here, in addition to the BI2020 report.

Blended Learning Executive Bachelor

Three concepts have been developed for the Executive Bachelor courses. Online courses, campus courses and blended courses. The check lists ensures quality across the courses

Flipped classroom

BI has experimented with flipped classroom since 2012. The first project was supported by Norgesuniversitetet. We've had a lot of good results, and a modified version is used by several lecturers.

Pilot program

From 2013 to 2016 72 pilot projects on the pedagogical use of digital tools were conducted at BI. The experiences from these projects can be found in a brochure and short reports from all the projects.

Ongoing projects

We participate in different ongoing projects at BI, within the subject areas of blended learning, e-assessment, first year experience and more.