Teaching at BI

Teaching at BI is different than teaching at other universities or business schools. Our classrooms are different, our class sizes are larger and what is expected from you from the study administration is different than what you are used to.

We can support you, regardless of you are a new teacher or have been teaching for years. The check list gives you an impression of what we expect of you, and the menu are arenas for keeping up with the goals on the check list.

The menu - pick and choose

1.A first meeting and tour with a guide

Anders Tveit

2.Training in itslearning – DigiEx - Course Description

LearningLabs support team and Anders Tveit

3. Educational use of video

Anders Tveit

4. Observation of your teaching with feedback

Anders Tveit

5. How to activate students in large classes and teaching tools

Anna Steen-Utheim, Inger C Erikson, Anders Tveit

6.Teaching Excellence Series

Inger C Erikson og Anna Steen-Utheim

7. If needed, further follow-up

Contact Inger C Erikson.

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