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LearningLab is BI Norwegian Business School's resource center for teaching, learning and ICT.

Video, Webinars and video conferences

Here is an overview over digital learning resources you can use in your teaching, what they can be used for and who can help you set it up. If you miss anything, or want to discuss some options, please get in touch with us.



Podcasts are audio files that you can subscribe to. BI uses Podbean as a publishing tool for podcasts. Study guides for online courses are among the things that have been recorded.



There are several ways to create teaching videos. Here we will show you some ways you can make simple videos for your students, and how to proceed if you want to explore the options of professional productions.


Webinars and video conferences

For guidance, video conferences and online teaching. Webinars and video conferences can be used in place of traditional lectures, or as a supplement.