Podcasts are audio files that you can subscribe to. BI uses Podbean as a publishing tool for podcasts. Study guides for online courses are among the things that have been recorded.

All online courses at BI have study guides to help students learn.  In the guide the lecturer addresses important issues in the course syllabus, and offer context and structure for the students. To increase flexibility for the students, four study guides were published as audio podcasts in 2014. The study guides were published in the course room at itslearning. Each study guide has audio files varying between 3 and 10 minutes’ lengths based on the different topics.

The podcasts receive very good response from the students. They are used often, and to date the audio files for the course Bedriften / The Firm has been listened to over 40 000 times.

Due to the success, additional sixteen study guides have been recorded as audio podcast. The podcasts are published on Podbean - an online service where BI has its own channel - and a recording audio for podcasts in LearningLab has been equipped. 

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