Series of Dissertations


  • Sumaya AlBalooshi

    Switching between Resources: Psychosocial Resources as Moderators of the Impact of Powerlessness on Cognition and Behavior

    Series of Dissertations 8/2017

  • Zongwei Lu

    Three essays on auction theory and contest theory

    Series of Dissertations 7/2017

  • Frode Martin Nordvik

    Oil Extraction and The Macroeconomy

    Series of Dissertations 6/2017

  • Elizabeth Solberg

    Adapting to Changing Job Demands: A Broadcast Approach to Understanding Self-Regulated Adaptive Performance and Cultivating It in Situated Work Settings

    Series of Dissertations 5/2017
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  • Natalia Bodrug

    Essays on economic choices and cultural values

    Series of Dissertations 4/2017

  • Vegard Høghaug Larsen

    Drivers of the business cycle: Oil, news and uncertainty

    Series of Dissertations 3/2017

  • Nikolay Georgiev

    Use of Word Categories with Psychological Relevance Predicts Prominence in Online Social Networks

    Series of Dissertations 2/2017

  • Sigmund Valaker

    Breakdown of Team Cognition and Team Performance: Examining the influence of media and overconfidence on mutual understanding, shared situation awareness and contextualization

    Series of Dissertations 1/2017
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