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15 Ways to Engage Youth Within Your Company and Why You Should Do It

In a new publication, the Nordic Centre member Sandra Cortesi outlines the benefits of engaging youth within a company, as well as fifteen ways of how to do so.

In her latest contribution to the field, Nordic Centre member Sandra Cortesi shares her observations as to why she believes it can be valuable, from a more normative to a very practical point of view, to include youth within a company. She also demonstrates what meaningful youth engagement might look like in practice.

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As part of the publication, Sandra Cortesi reflects on the following four questions:

  1. What is the added value of engagement for youth? 
  2. What is the value of youth engagement for the company? 
  3. What makes the engagement (or parts of it) valuable for participating employees? 
  4. To what extent does youth engagement benefit a product (e.g., a consumer product, campaign, business strategy) or multiple products?

In addition to sharing findings from research, Sandra Cortesi highlights practical knowledge gained from engaging youth within the “Youth Lab” hosted by a prominent Swiss media company.         

The report “15 Ways to Engage Youth Within Your Company and Why You Should Do It” can be accessed here.


About the author:

Sandra Cortesi is an Adjunct Researcher in Communication at the Department of Communication and Culture at BI, and a member of the Nordic Centre. She’s also a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, and a Senior Research and Teaching Associate at the IKMZ at the University of Zurich. You can learn more about her work at sandracortesi.com.