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3AI Workshop: Responsible AI Governance

NCIS recently held a workshop on responsible AI governance, inviting scholars, industry representatives, and researchers from many different parts of the world.

From Wednesday 22 June to Friday 24 June, the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society held the workshop Responsible AI Governance - Future Ways and Challenges in Oslo. The workshop was a part of the Triple Partnership for Responsible AI (3AI), a three year research project from the Research Council of Norway, which brings together research institutions from Brazil, the U.S. and the Nordics. Together, they seek to investigate ways through which AI can be made fair, accountable and transparent. 

The Triple Partnership for Responsible AI

In line with the increasing uptake of AI in business and society, the responsible governance of AI governance is becoming ever more important. Some of the questions the Triple Partnership for Responsible AI seeks to address are: How can we work together to advance our understanding of the impact of AI on different groups of people, organizations and countries? How can academic knowledge create better decision makers in both the private and public sector, to make sure AI advances the social good? 

Responsible AI Governance - Future Ways and Challenges

At the 3AI workshop in Oslo, the aim of the discussions was to identify future topics of concern, and to explore potential research, engagement, and educational opportunities. The participants deliberated topics such as emerging challenges and opportunities in technology governance, and discussed how to address such future trends through conceiving joint research, outreach, and teaching projects. There was also a panel discussion on technology governance with Master students.

Overall, many researchers and scholars shared their ideas, best practices, and informational resources on how we can govern AI responsibly, considering its social, economic and ecological impact. The workshop led to fruitful exchange based on the diverse areas of expertise the participants brought to the table, including law, computer science, philosophy, ethics, sociology, management and public policy.

Another element of the workshop was to facilitate collaborations and research projects across institutions in Norway, the U.S., and Brazil, paving the way for continued collaborations. At the workshop, participants met to plan future events and projects, such as the Autumn School on Responsible AI in Rio de Janeiro.

Present from BI were the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society's Christian Fieseler, Samson Esayas, Christoph Lutz, Santiago Uribe, Gemma Newlands, and research assistant Alexandra Huber.