News from the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

Author: Christian Fieseler

This year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management was held in Boston from Aug 9th-13th under the conference theme ‘Understanding the Inclusive Organization’. The Nordic Centre for Internet and Society was able to mark a strong presence, presenting four papers, chairing one paper session, co-organizing a symposium, hosting and participating in several PDWs as well as winning one award.

In the Organizational Communication & Information Systems division (OCIS) we presented work on user perceptions in the sharing economy, algorithmic management as well as isolation in virtual team environments. OCIS Papers:   

-          The Dilemma of Data’s Future Value: User Perceptions of the Sharing Economy (Authors: Gemma Newlands, Christoph Lutz, Michael Etter)

-          The Emergence of Self-disciplinary Practices in the Face of Algorithmic Governance (Authors: Eliane Bucher, Peter Kalum Schou and Fabian Frischherz)

-          When Feeling Isolated Working in Distributed Teams: Its Antecedents and Consequences (Authors: Sut I Wong, Steffen R. Giessner, Marthe Nordengen Berntzen and Gillian Warner-Søderholm)

As part of the Technology and Innovation Management division (TIM) we presented work on resilience in crowdwork careers. TIM paper:

-          From Crafting What You Do to Building Resilience for Crowdwork Career  (Autors: Sut I Wong, Dominique Kost and Christian Fieseler)

Peder-Inge Furseth chaired a paper session on Navigating new Technologies within the Innovation Strategy and Industry Dynamics Track (STR). Furthermore, Christian Fieseler co-organized a symposium on ‘Nurturing Novelty: Understanding, Developing, and Evaluating Novel Ideas’ and Sut-I Wong co-organized a PDW on Human Resource Management in the Gig Economy.

Lastly, we are very happy and honored to have won the first annual AMD “Shark-Tank” PDW at AOM 2019. In this new format, scholars have 3 minutes to ‘pitch’ their paper ideas to a panel of leading management scholars (Paul Adler, Teresa Amabile, Tima Bansal, John Hollenbeck, Chet Miller, Nancy Rothbard) who will then, along with the audience, vote for the most promising paper ideas. The project pitch by Eliane Bucher, Matthias Waldkirch (EBS Business School) and Peter Kalum Schou (NHH Bergen) on a longitudinal analysis of voice behavior among gig workers was not just selected to be one of 12 finalists, but – thanks to a convincing and passionate pitch by Matthias Waldkirch – also won the overall competition. We are excited to bring home the shark trophy and look forward to seeing this innovative and fun PDW format thrive in the conferences to come.