News from the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

One Workshop and Seven Presentations at the 2021 AOM Annual Meeting

Major Academic Management Conference with Strong Nordic Centre Presence. Author: Laila Fremme

The Nordic Centre for Internet and Society contributed at this year's AOM Annual Meeting. The conference took place on a virtual event platform from the 29th of July to the 4th of August and gathered more than 9500 Academy members, exploring the theme "Bringing the Manager Back in Management".

Christian Fieseler held two presentations, one presenting a paper with Santiago Uribe named "Moral Legitimization in Science, Technology and Innovation policies", and one presentation with Eliane Bucher named "A Paranoid Reading of the Gig Economy" in a session on the gig work phenomenon. Eliane Bucher additionally presented the paper "Entrepreneurial support seeking and affordances in online communities during the COVID-19 pandemic" in a session on ecosystems, and the paper "Vox Populi et Vox Regni: Investigating Digital Voice Channels in the Gig economy" in a session on managing new technologies.

Other contributions were the presentation of the paper "Employee Mindset, HRM Misalignment, and Helplessness in Virtual Teams" by Sut I Wong and the presentation of the paper "Player of Platform? How Metaphors Affect the Attribution of Actorhood to New Forms of Organizing" by Alexander Buhmann and Kateryna Maltseva.

Finally, a personal development workshop (PDW) was hosted by Christoph Lutz together with Jeroen Meijerink and Ulrich Leicht-Deobald called "Algorithmic Management: Toward a Cross-disciplinary Research Agenda". During the workshop, Gemma Newlands presented her recent work on the topic by presenting the paper "Algorithmic management in a work context" (full paper is available here).