News from the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

Tackling Sustainability Challenges through Digitally Enabled Forms of Organizing: A Panel Debate

Author: Christian Fieseler

This September, we participated in the 5th CSR Communication Conference, that was hosted by the Stockholm School of Economics. The CSR Communication Conference is traditionally concerned with matters of global sustainability and with the communication thereof. This time, the conference explored these aspects also under a digital lens – how does the communication of sustainability change in digital media, and might digital technologies pose new sustainability challenges? During the conference, we presented our work on organizational responsibilities in the age of algorithmization, written by Alexander Buhmann, Eliane Bucher, and Christian Fieseler. We also served as moderators in a panel debate on the Shaping and Forming of Communication in the Digital Age. The conference provided for a lively debate and numerous inputs into our ongoing work on algorithms and accountability, and we are looking forward to the next CSR Communication Conference in two years in Lüneburg.