Conference Presentations

Christian Fieseler and Christoph Lutz attend ICA Annual Conference

Conference held in San Diego, USA on 25th-29th May. Author: Christoph Lutz.

Christian Fieseler and Christoph Lutz presented at this year's Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) in San Diego, USA. The conference took place from May 25 to May 29 and gathered over 3000 communication scholars from around the world. It is the largest and most prestigious conference in this area. 

Christian Fieseler presented a paper on alienation in digital labor, co-authored with Eliane Bucher and Christoph Lutz. The presentation was well received and sparked vivid discussions among the audience and the other panelists.

Christoph Lutz presented a poster on privacy in the context of the dating app Tinder, together with Giulia Ranzini from VU Amsterdam. The paper this poster is based on is freely available in the journal Social Media + Society under the following link.

Moreover, Christoph had two talks at two different pre-conferences: one at the Human-Machine Communication pre-conference on privacy and social robots (co-authored with Aurelia Tamò from the University of Zurich) and one at the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide conference on digital footprints (co-authored with Moritz Büchi and Marina Micheli from the University of Zurich).