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NCIS exchange of experiences on digital marketing with Andrea Von Kaenel

In week 6, Migros Online Chief Marketing Officer Andrea V. Kaenel visited The Nordic Center of Internet and Society. As part of her visit, Andrea held an engaging presentation on digital marketing and communication, concluded with an instructive Q&A.

In week 6, the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society had the privilege to host Dr. Andrea V. Kaenel as our NCIS practitioner in residence. Andrea is currently Chief Marketing Officer with Migros Online, Switzerland’s largest online food retailer. Her presentation and Q&A session took place on Wednesday 14th of February, from 11:00am-12:00pm.

Image of the meeting

In recent years, we transformed Migros Online from a logistics-centric entity into an IT-driven eCommerce player

Migros Online is Switzerland’s largest online food retailer and Migros is the most popular employer in Switzerland. Andrea's responsibilities encompass new customer acquisition, ensuring customer retention, overseeing performance marketing and crafting impactful campaigns and content. Andrea and her team are planning marketing initiatives across all channels to solidify Migros Online's market share.

Image of Andrea V. Kaenel

In her talk, Andrea was sharing insights from the frontier of digital marketing with a particular emphasis on the use of artificial intelligence in communication, digital organizing and managing incoming data streams from various platforms with diverse attribution models in the context of marketing. Within the presentation, there was also an opportunity to engage in discussions regarding potential research and teaching collaborations. 

Thank you for your visit, Andrea; we look forward to continuing inspiring exchanges and future collaborations!