Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

Semester Start with a Broad Course Portfolio by Nordic Centre Members

A New Semester Has Started and Nordic Centre Members Show Strong Presence in Academic Teaching. Author: Laila Fremme

Semester start has finally arrived and we are especially excited about courses that will be held this semester by members of the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society:

Eliane Bucher and Christian Fieseler will be teaching the courses “GRA 3116 The Digital Platform – Strategy, Structure and Content” and “GRA 6811 – Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Society”. Both are on the Master level. Additionally, Eliane will teach the course “EXC 3631 – International Business Environment” on the Bachelor level.

Christoph Lutz will be teaching two courses this semester, namely the Master course “GRA 6843 – Doing Digital Business” with Christian Fieseler and the Bachelor course “ELE 3766 - Social Networks and Communities”.

Alexander Buhmann will be teaching the Bachelor course “DIG 3420 - Communication and Involvement”.

Furthermore, Peder Inge Furseth will be teaching the Executive Master of Management course “MAN 5024 - Digitization, Innovation, and Business Models”.

Peter Booth will be teaching “KLS 3561 - Art and Design Industries” (Bachelor level).

Moreover, Samson Esayas and Milos Novovic will be teaching two Master courses, namely “GRA 4137 - Data Protection an Ethics in the Modern Business Environment” and “GRA 6288 - Legal Tech”. Milos will also teach the course “BIK 3000 - Data Protection and GDPR” on the Executive level.

Finally, Sut I Wong and Suzanne van Gils will be teaching “GRA 6842 - Negotiation Mastery: Essential Strategies and Skills for International Negotiation” on the Master level.