News from the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

Presentation at the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research

In April, we presented our research on holding algorithms accountable via discourse principles at the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research.

The conference this year was a gathering of scholars and practitioners concerned with the opportunities and the state of the art in the digital transformation of media and communication. In our contribution we argued that algorithms can be designed to contribute to or undercut better decisions – the question we were interested in was, how good are we as a discursive society at identifying, judging and correcting such mistakes. Influenced by discourse ethics, we argued for rational communication process through which a continuous and tentative assessment of the development, workings, and consequences of algorithms can be achieved over time. We spent interesting days in St. Gallen discussing these propositions and the numerous interesting other contributions by our colleagues and incorporated the feedback in a journal article on the same topic that is soon to be published.