Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

Poster Presentation at #SMSociety

Christoph Lutz - 24th July 2018

Christoph Lutz and Gemma Newlands presented a work-in-progress poster at the 2018 Social Media & Society conference (#SMSociety) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The poster, entitled "Acceptance Tweeting: An Analysis across Six Major Conferences in the Social Sciences" looked into the tweeting behavior of social scientists at major conferences in their field, for example ICA and AOM. It specifically investigated the phenomenon of "acceptance tweeting", where researchers make the acceptance or rejection of their conference paper public. 

The poster session was well attended and Christoph's and Gemma's created engaging discussion. #SMSociety 2018, this year in its ninth edition, was organized by a team of leading Canadian social media researchers, featuring a broad range of presentations in the field of social media and Internet research. The keynote by Karine Nahon as well as the plenary panel discussion by leading social media researchers Kelly Quinn, Anatoliy Gruzd, Axel Bruns, Anja Bechmann, and Richard Rogers, focused on recent challenges in investigating social media, for example in terms of disinformation and access to social media data. 

Christoph also moderated a session on virality and multimediality, which featured presentations about esports, niche social media sites, and detecting bots on Twitter. More information about the conference can be found here

(Photo by Oleg Ilyushin under a Creative Commons 0 License)