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Symposium on the Digital Economy

Event in Collaboration with the Weizenbaum Institute. Author: Christoph Lutz

On the 16th of October, the "Weizenbaum Symposium: New Perspectives on the Digital Economy - Sharing, Gigs, and Platforms" took place. The one-day online event was organized by Christoph Lutz and Volker Stocker (Weizenbaum Institute). It featured 12 presentations in four sequential sessions, addressing topics such as taximeter regulation in Finland, market power in digital markets, rating dynamics on Airbnb, and sharing cultures in Switzerland. The Symposium also included a presentation by Nordic Centre member Gemma Newlands on the topic of "Anthropotropism: Searching for Recognition in the Scandinavian Gig Economy" and by Toppforsk collaborator Grant Blank (Oxford Internet Institute) on the topic of "Who participates in the platform economy?" In addition to the organizers and presenters, about 25 participants attended the event, leading to engaged discussions and feedback on the presentations. An in-depth summary of the Symposium is available with the following link: https://www.weizenbaum-institut.de/news/symposium-new-perspectives-on-the-digital-economy-sharing-gigs-and-platforms/