Nordic Centre for Internet and Society

Visitors at NCIS

In week 35 there were several visitors at the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society. The visits were intended to explore potential future collaborations, exchange teaching best practices, and deepen ties between research groups.

Associate Prof. Marek Szarucki from Cracow University of Economics

One of the visitors at the Nordic Centre in week 35 was Associate Prof. Marek Szarucki from Cracow University of Economics, who visited the Centre’s Associate Professor Eliane Bucher as part of an Erasmus+ Teaching Exchange.

During his visit, Marek lectured in the course International Business Environment, introducing and discussing key concepts, challenges, and opportunities of business in a globalized world. Marek was at the Department of Communication and Culture for several days, and his visit included a joint dinner with several other members.Presentation of Professor Marek Szarucki

Visiting delegation from the University of Zagreb

On 30 August, a delegation from the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Zagreb also visited the Centre. The delegation included Professor Kosjenka Dumančić, who is connected to the Nordic Centre through joint participation in two COST Actions that Christoph Lutz was and is a member of: the Sharing and Caring COST Action and the P-WILL COST Action.

Kosjenka is an associate professor at the Department of Law and was the Vice Dean for International Cooperation and Projects at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Business and Economics between 2020-2022. Since October 2022, she has been the Vice Dean for Strategic Partnerships and Projects at the same institution. Relevant to the Nordic Centre´s interests, Kosjenka´s research focuses strongly around platform regulation and new forms of work, for example in the gig economy and sharing economy.

Group photo of attendees

Professor Domagoj Hruška also formed part of the delegation. His work centers on strategy and corporate governance issues, while some of his recent publications address the pandemic and strategic resilience.

Associate Professor Ivana Načinović Braje constituted the third member of the delegation, working on topics such as strategy and governance, but also organizational behavior, tourism, and the sharing economy.

Lastly, Ivana Marić completed the delegation. Her work uses stakeholder analyses and is situated in the domain of retailing, including topics such as supermarkets and food waste. During their visit, several Centre members joined the visiting delegation for lunch, and the group also participated in the social gathering at the department. 

Thank you very much to all the visitors for many good conversations and discussions! At the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society, we are looking forward to continuing these conversations in the future, and to further deepening the partnerships with our collaborators.