Webinar: The Effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

On the 9th of March, BI Norwegian Business School held a discussion on the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The discussion was led by Professor Peder Inge Furseth from the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society and Department of Communication and Culture at BI.

He spoke with President of the World Economic Forum and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende, and President of Kongsberg Digital Hege Skryseth about these important matters.

Professor Christian Fieseler, co-founder of the Nordic Centre and a specialist within artificial intelligence (AI), contributed to the event with an input presentation about ongoing research at the Nordic Centre on the understandings and framings of AI in public policy discourse and a future-looking take on this topic. 

More than 400 people attended the event, of which 300 were from Norway, whilst 100 joined from the rest of the world. Several of the attendants have in hindsight described the webinar as important, interesting, and insightful.

Topics of discussions were, amongst other things, what the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution could mean for most industries world-wide. The panel discussed how organizations and businesses can adapt, reshape, and digitalize their core businesses, as many organizations will have no choice but to re-evaluate their strategies and priorities to meet the new digital future.

The participants of the discussion provided concrete reflections on how geopolitics, conflicts, climate, and social relationships may affect digitalization in the time to come.