Research ethics at BI

Mandate for the Research Ethics Committee

1. Areas of responsibility and activity 

The Research Ethics Committee is BI’s research ethics organization.
The committee will ensure that research at BI happens within the framework of national laws, guidelines for ethical research at BI and guidelines formulated by the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees. The committee will keep abreast of national and international questions in research ethics. 

The committee will inform the leadership, departments and employees at BI about research ethics. The committee will together with other relevant bodies contribute to making research ethical questions part of professional training at all levels within BI. The committee will give advice about research ethical questions connected to BI’s research. 

The committee will propose ways to build awareness of scientific integrity and honesty amongst BI’s employees and students. 

The Research Ethics Committee will give its advice in connection with the processing of research ethics questions at BI. BI’s leadership is responsible for processing and making decisions in research ethics cases, in accordance with regulations passed by the Senate. (“Rules for the handling of individual cases concerning scientific misconduct at BI”).
The committee’s statements will be written and contain a reasoned assessment and a conclusion. 

2. Composition and appointment 

The committee will consist of three members of which one is external. The external member will chair the committee. Committee members will appoint their own deputies. One of the members must be a jurist. The members should have a broad background in research and a good understanding of research ethical questions. The committee’s members and deputies are appointed for three years at a time and may be re-appointed.

3. Reporting and transparency

The committee will report on its activities annually. The committee’s activity will be publicly available within the framework of rules ensuring privacy and other relevant interests.