Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I change my application after submitting it?
Yes, you can make changes as long as your application is still “being processed” in the application portal, and you will see the link “Remove/change application” under this tab. Remember to submit the application after making changes to allow processing to continue.

If I change my application, will I end up at the back of the processing queue?
No, applications are processed according to the initial submission date.

I was accepted to my first priority programme, but would rather study my 2nd priority. How should I proceed?
If you received an education offer you must first respond to this before you can submit a new application. If you accept the first offer and subsequently receive an education offer based on the new application, the newest contract will apply if it is signed.

I have received an offer, but want to apply to another programme. How should I proceed?
You have to accept or reject the offer you have received before you can submit a new application. If you want to make sure you have a place, you must accept the offer you received. If you re-apply, receive a new offer and accept this, this contract will supersede the first one.

My application was denied, can I apply again?
Generally speaking, you cannot submit a new application for the same term for which you were denied. If you believe that you should still be able to apply, for example to a programme/course with different admission requirements, you must contact BI so that we can re-open your application profile.

I received an e-mail saying that I have to upload documentation, what documentation do I have to upload?
If you login to your application you will see a comment from the case administrator regarding which documentation is missing or what you have to re-upload.

What does this application status mean?

What does it mean when my application is on “waitlist”?
When an application receives the “waitlist” status, this means that there are more qualified applicants than there are available places. Applicants who are on the waitlist will receive information concerning this. If you receive an offer of admission for a lower priority programme, you can accept this offer while still being on the waitlist.

Can I receive a conditional offer when I apply for a bachelor programme?
Conditional offers are rarely given to first year bachelor students. The reason for this is that most receive their documentation over the course of June/July, which means that there is plenty of time to fully process the application before studies start.

What does it mean when I receive a conditional education offer when I applied for a master programme?
A conditional offer is given to applicants who are expected to fulfil the admission requirements over the course of the spring semester. Applicants who complete their bachelor’s degree over the course of the spring/summer and who fulfil the admission requirements so far, can receive a conditional offer of admission. In order to receive a conditional offer you must have at least 150 credits and a grade average of 3.5 or higher. The condition will be outlined in the study contract and will usually entail that the candidate completes their bachelor’s degree with a grade average of at least 3.5 and satisfies the academic requirements in accordance with the admission requirements for the programme you applied to.

The conditions are stipulated in the contract under “Terms and conditions”. Your place is guaranteed as long as the conditions are met before 1 September.

Applicants with a bachelor’s degree from BI Norwegian Business School that receive a conditional offer still need to submit documentation of a diploma.

What does it mean when I have been selected for verification of original documents?
Verification is an assessment of the authenticity of the original documents. Verification is also a check that what you uploaded in connection with your application is identical with your original papers. If you have been selected for verification, you will receive a separate email concerning this. Read more about verification. 

Which application background should I select in the application?

When you submit an application you must select a background for your application. The background shows what education you have completed and which qualifies you for admission to our courses or programmes.

Once you have chosen your application background you will be asked to upload the required documentation so that we can process your application. You must upload all documentation you have received from your school/college, and it must be a scanned version or a photo of the original documents.

Are you completing upper secondary education or taking subjects the following spring? 
You must then select the background “Completing upper secondary school in the spring of 201X”. BI will then be made aware that you will not have your application documentation available until after you have taken the examination, but you can submit your application and be registered as an applicant in BI’s systems.

As soon as your application has been submitted, a case administrator will specify the documentation that you must later upload with the application. We will return the application to you. You do not need to do anything until you have received your diploma/certification of competence after completing your education.

Once you receive the documentation, you must upload this with the application and re-submit the application.

Documents that are uploaded with applications must be smaller than 25 MB, and one of the following file types: pdf, doc, docx, odf, jpeg or jpg.

Are electronic diplomas approved?
No, your electronic diploma will not be approved and the application will therefore be returned to you so that you can upload a scan or a photo of the original diploma (paper).

I changed my name after receiving my diploma, how do I proceed?
If your name does not correspond with the name on the documentation that you upload, you must upload a name change form from the Norwegian Tax Administration.

It says that uploading a document with the application is recommended, is this a requirement?
When a document type is marked as “recommended”, this means that your application can be processed more quickly if the documentation is submitted along with the application.

I have submitted my documents to you for scanning, what is the next step?
If you used this functionality you will receive scanned versions of the documents at the email address you listed in the form you submitted.

Note: You are responsible for uploading your documentation with your application in order to have this evaluated. Please note that BI shreds all submitted documentation so do not send in your originals.

Søkeweb allows applicants with a Norwegian national identity number to sign the study contract using BankID. BI uses BankID 2.0 which is the version without java.

I clicked on the option to sign on paper, but would rather sign electronically now. What do I do?
If you clicked on the option to sign on paper you lose the option to sign electronically. This is unfortunately irreversible, so the only option is to print the contract, sign it and submit by email or mail.

I am receiving email reminders that I need to accept the education offer, but I have already signed electronically.
If you receive an email with a reminder to sign, we have most likely not received your signed study contract. Log in to søkeweb and double-check that the application is located under the tab “Fully processed”. If it is still located under “Tasks”, the signing has not been completed.

I receive an error message when I try to sign electronically. What do I do?
Make sure that your browser is updated and that you use a browser that supports BankID. You can receive help on BankID’s website if your BankID is not working.

I receive an error message in the BankID box when I try to sign. What do I do?
If you receive an error message with your personal password, one-time code or identity number while signing you must contact your bank to resolve the issue. Remember that you can always sign manually by printing out the contract.