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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA Board is an academic association that represents all the students of the programme. It is an organisation under the main student association, BISO. The Bachelor students are represented by the 6 members of the Board who work closely with BISO. 

As you all know The BBA board represent the Bachelor of Business Administration student body. We are dedicated to provide students with outstanding initiatives that will enable all students to grow both personally and professionally. We do so by hosting events that are intriguing with a clear focus and objective, whether they be social or academic. BBA Board does its best to create an atmosphere that fosters success.

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Creative Industries Management

The academic association of Creative Industries Mamagement works to make the study life of the students on the course as rich and positive as possible. We work with everything from small social events to feedback on the classes and professors, good collaborations and larger conferences.

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Business Analytics

The Bachelor of Business Analytics programme aims to give students substantial hands-on digital skills; teaching applied programming, data analysis techniques, and data visualisation. 

These skills are then used to solve business problems across areas such as marketing, finance and economics. In addition, students will learn international and sustainable business management from both a practical as well as a theoretical standpoint. The Business Analytics Board is the student organisation for those enrolled in the BA programme. We aim to enhance the student experience- both socially and academically- through various activities and events throughout each semester.

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Digital Communication and Marketing

Digi-Komm is the academic association for the Bachelor of Digital Communication and Marketing. It is important for us to help our students feel welcome, included and have a good time during their studies, with both the academical and the social events in focus. 

We do so by arranging social gatherings, competitions, or by inviting guest lectures from relevant companies in the industry of digital communication. We’ve got close contact with the lecturers and make sure the students voices are heard, so you as a student at BI get the high quality teaching you deserve.

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