BI Student Organisation Oslo


Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

What is BISO?

BISO is the student organisation at BI Norwegian Business School. We are here to make sure the students get an unforgettable study period. We are doing all we can to help the students experience social and academic development during their time at BI, and by engaging yourself in the organisation you'll meet new people from all the different programmes at campus.


How do you get a book locker?

Prices: BISO members* 300 NOK / Year. Non BISO members 1000 NOK / Year.
*The BISO fee is 300 NOK / semester – 600 NOK / Year. For BISO members the total amount for a book locker is 900 NOK / Year.
Due to Covid-19 the sale is a bit delayed this year, but more info will come! 


Why pay the memebership fee?

By paying the membership fee you support the student organisation og get access to a variety of benefits. There are regular student events at school throughout the semester, for example Inspire and Karrieredagene, where you will get free entrance + goodiebags, and often the opportunity to win cool prizes. It also contributes to the planning of the bigger events like Fadderullan and Bergensbaneløpet!

The fee makes it possible for the academic associations, societies, projects and staff functions to keep working on both sosial and academic events. In addition to this you get a discount on the book lockers. Last, but not least we serve BISO lunches where you get free food, and cinema nights with free entrance.
Because of covid-19 it is hard to arrange larger events, but we are working on finding other solutions. The membership fee will therefore also support us in the research and planning of social digital solutions.


How do you engage in the student organisation?

We arrange something called the Recruitment Day twice a year - at the start of each semester. This day is for all the units in the student organisation so they can show themselves off on stands, this way all you students can see what we have to offer and apply to join. Vi have academic associations, societies, projects and staff functions in all sorts of categories, so everyone can find something they like. This year the Recruitment Day is different due to covid-19 and will mostly be digital.


Why engage in the student organisation?

In the lectures we learn theory and through participation in BISO, and on events arranged by BISO, you get the opportunity to use the theory in a fun and exciting way - together with other students. You meet new people, build relations with other students and businesses, and most importantly you get to have fun while pushing your own boundaries by taking on new challenges.

Engagement is the key to get the most out of your study time. We encourage you to engage, challenge yourselves and fellow students, and seize the opportunities you face during your time at BI. Come join something bigger than yourself. Join the fun. Join us in creating a lot for many, and something for everyone.