BISO Environmental Compliance Certification

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The BISO Environmental Compliance Certificate (BISO ECC) refers to the document issued by Impact that allows units under BISO to be certified as a Green Unit. It certifies that the unit has complied with the requirements of The BISO ECC and that they will not contribute to a significant negative impact on the environment. In addition, it certifies that the unit is committed to implementing its approved Environment Management Plan and set a good example as a student union in the daily operations.

Requirements for the BISO ECC application will depend on the relation to BISO (project/staff function/society/association) and the worksite.

The BISO ECC provides an opportunity to strengthen the unit’s marketing and attractiveness in relation to companies in Norwegian business. In addition, all units that qualify for an BISO Environmental Certificate will be awarded by BISO with financial support (NOK 5 000) for their good work and dedication within the student union.

Application forms can be found on the bottom of this page.

The certification process

When the BISO unit is ready to be certified, we recommend the head of the BISO unit to set up a meeting with a certifier from Impact for more information and guidance.

The certification process involves the following steps:

  1. Fill in application form
    The application form is constructed as a set of criteria or guidelines. In order to fulfil the criteria, you have to fill in the activities that have been carried out by the unit during the year. This is best answered with concrete examples and results. It is not necessary to fulfil all of the listed criteria as Impact will evaluate the overall achievement of the unit and additional initiatives will therefore also be taken into consideration.
  2. Send form to Impact certifier
    Send completed form per mail to the Impact certifier:
    The form will be processed within 2 weeks.
  3. Approval
    If the unit meets the requirements of the BISO ECC, the unit will be granted with an BISO Environmental Certificate, which can be used for both internal and external marketing.
  4. Financial Support
    As a part of the certification approval, the units will automatically be granted NOK 5 000 in financial support. This amount will be deposited into the unit’s account within 2 weeks after the approval.
  5. Continous improvement

Eco-Lighthouse Green Conference Certification

The Eco-Lighthouse certification is a unique opportunity for events organized by BISO units that wishes to become certified as a Green Conference. The Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme is Norway's most widely used environmental management system, and is highly acknowledged in both Norway and the EU. Therefore, this is a valuable instrument for marketing the event towards sponsors and collaborators. As well as a valuable addition to your CV and experience with BISO.

Through a set of easily implemented criteria, the BISO events can improve their environmental performance, control their environmental impact and prove their dedication to corporate responsibility.

A Green Conference certification applies for one conference only and must therefore undergo a yearly recertification process. It is not BISO or Impact, but BI, who manages and approves the certification through the BI Event department.

It is both in BISO and Impact’s greatest interest to get as many events as possible Eco-Lighthouse certified. Events certified as Green Conferences will therefore be rewarded with financial support from BISO on NOK 5000 for their good work and dedication within BI and the student union.

Certificate of conformity

Once a unit is granted with a BISO ECC, the unit can freely use the BISO Environmental Certificate in all internal and external marketing. This is a symbol of the unit’s good environmental performance, environmental impact and dedication to corporate responsibility (CSR).

Only Eco-Lighthouse certified Green Conferences are permitted to use the Eco-Lighthouse Certificate in internal and external marketing. Impact will provide the unit with Eco-Lighthouse roll-ups during ongoing event and projects.


As a rule, the BISO issues ECC one-year certificates. When ½ years have passed since certification, the unit will have to arrange a meeting with a certifier from Impact regarding recertification. For the Eco Lighthouse Green Conference certification, the recertification process is done simultaneously with the planning of the event. The certification is approved or removed by the BI Event department.

The recertification process is identical to a first-time certification. The certifier will want to ensure that the enterprise continues to fulfil the industry criteria and that it has made continuous improvement.

Certification Criteria for Projects

All projects that qualify for an BISO ECC will be awarded by BISO with financial support (NOK 5 000) for their good work and dedication within the student union.

Certification Criteria for Societies, Staff functions & Associations

All associations, societies & staff functions that qualify for an BISO ECC will be awarded by BISO with financial support (NOK 5 000) for their good work and dedication within the student union.



Partners, suppliers and participants







Additional notes

All conferences* that qualify for an Eco-Lighthouse certificate will be awarded with financial support (NOK 5 000) by BISO for their good work and dedication within BI and the student union.
This means that a unit can achieve up to NOK 10 000 by being granted both the BISO ECC and Eco-Lighthouse certificate.

* A conference is referred to as an event, sometimes lasting a few days, at which there is a group of talk or seminars on a particular subject, or a meeting in which especially business matters are discussed formally.

Who are the BISO Impact certifiers?

BISO impact board

BISO Impact is a staff function under BISO that wishes to create an arena at BI that engages, inspires and enables students and young business leaders to develop the necessary skills in order to create a sustainable future.

The work of BISO Impact consists of contributing to new initiatives for sustainable development, environmental certification and expertise within the student union.

If you have any further questions to the BISO ECC you are welcome to contact us.