Executive Education

BI-Fudan MBA Programme

An English taught part-time MBA program in Shanghai

The world is more Chinese

Our students are encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge in a Chinese dominated international environment. Through interaction with peers and guidance by an international faculty, our MBA program provides you with an understanding which enables you to succeed in an ever more Chinese dominated business world.


The Nordics: Inspiration for innovation

Nordic business culture promotes egalitarianism, meaning thoughts that favour equality, collaborations and transparency. Including a global mind-set deriving from the Nordics’ small markets, the result is all necessary ingredients to foster an innovative work environment in your company. Combined with Chinese pragmatism, entrepreneurial spirit and market opportunities, this MBA program provides you with the best and most effective approaches when conducting business.

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About the programme

  • The Best of Both: BI-Fudan MBA Programme with EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA accreditations
  • Explore the differences: The programme is designed to fit for working professionals in Shanghai
  • Succeed in Business: Lack of understanding drives up transaction costs
  • The Nordics: Inspiration for innovation: The Nordic business culture carries ingredients that foster an innovative work environment
  • 90% Percentage of students working in multinational companies: The classes encompass a variety of experience and expertise
  • 11.5 Years average working experience: Our students have 5.7 years management experience on average
  • 75% International faculty: Chinese and international professors ensure the best of both perspectives
  • 5 Campuses: Shanghai, Berkeley, Singapore, Madrid, Oslo