Doctoral programme

Begin your career with a PhD in Strategic Management

An academic journey is often determined by its starting point. At BI Norwegian Business School, we offer our PhD students a challenging, but rewarding research programme. As a candidate, you develop your own research while working closely with our renowned faculty. On the strength of this programme, our graduates receive placements at top universities worldwide.

We offer a full, four-year scholarship to our PhD candidates in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation to ensure our students' well-being and academic freedom. But above all, we aim to inspire your passion as a researcher, to provide an unparalleled academic setting, and to help you contribute new insight into your field of research. We aim to create the best possible environment from which to launch your academic journey.

The Department of Strategy is a leading innovative institution that develops and disseminates expertise in corporate business models, development and growth.

  • The Department collaborates with a number of businesses, and has several ongoing research projects.
  • Three research centres are affiliated with the department. The research centres stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration with the business industry.

Recent placements received by PhD graduates from BI Norwegian Business School with a specialisation in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

  • Birgitte Grøgaard, Associate Professor, Department of Strategy & Global Management at the University of Calgary
  • Asmund Rygh, Lecturer in International Business and Management at Alliance Manchester Business School