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A Brain for Big Data

«We are living in a world overloaded by information – it is difficult to sort out what is important and what is noise».

Anders Lima Bjølgerud

Position: Head of Marketing Science

Employer: Annalect Norway

MSc in Business

– You hear about Big Data all the time, and many people are wondering what it is. To me it is unknown territory. New technology has enabled analysis of larger and more complex amounts of data at a much higher speed, and with substantially higher richness of details, says Anders Lima Bjølgerud, Head of Marketing Science at Annalect Norway.

Bjølgerud started his career as a media consultant. A short 6 months later he landed the job as marketing manager for a global optics brand. In 2016 he dived into the world of Big Data when Bjølgerud started as Big Data analyst at Omnicom Media Group.

– My task at Omnicom was to interpret what we call Big Data. The challenge lies in how we use it and what we can use it for. The job was to work with consultants and end customers, collect different types of data streams and solve customer problems that prior to the digitalisation was not possible.

Bjølgerud explains the interest in Big Data with a huge commitment to both economy and technology, combined with the curiosity of how far Big Data can bring us.

After a year and a half as analyst with Omnicom, Bjølgerud moved into his current position as Head of Marketing Science for the subsidiary Annalect Norge. He believes an increasing number of organisations realise that their own data is an exceptionally valuable asset if used wisely.

– I believe Big Data is one of the areas that will change the world the most in the years to come. To be able to work with and be in the forefront of this development, is in itself very exciting. There are so many challenges in which Big Data can help solving. From improving digital customer travels and shopping experiences online, to monitoring bank transactions and solving health care issues.

Bjølgerud emphasises that due to all the possibilities resulting from Big Data, it is increasingly important that the people and companies working with and administering huge data streams are fully updated on data security and routines.

– It is extremely exciting to work for a company operating in the forefront of this development, Bjølgerud finishes.