Former students

The Skydiver

Lise Nansen is a skydiver who actually was going to be a pilot, but who then fell for economics.


Position: Financial Manager

Employer: Vestfold Fjellboring AS

Challenging yourself, working together as a team and seeing that discipline and structure leads you somewhere is incredibly exciting.

“When looking back, I’m very glad that I made the choice I did. Being a pilot along with doing loads of skydiving could have ended up begin a bit boring,” Nansen says who with her 12,500 jumps is most likely one of the Nordic countries most active.

The knowledge and experience she has gained from 30 years as an extreme sports athlete and skydiving instructor, as well as over 10 years on the national skydiving team, is well applied in her work. Because for Nansen, both skydiving and her role as Financial Manager is about managing and understanding other people.

“Being able to challenge yourself, working together on a team and seeing that discipline and structure leads you somewhere – that has been incredibly exciting.”

Love for people and structure

After working in finance for several years and becoming increasingly interested in management, Nansen began to consider further education. As a former economics student she explains that it was natural for her to eventually choose a Master of Management at BI. Today she is the Financial Manager in Vestfold Fjellboring.

“I applied for the job and got it right at the start of the last year of my master’s programme. I think my studies played quite a decisive role in me getting the job.”

Her position requires that she must understand and see the whole of the entire business, build relations with the employees and constantly follow the industry to see if there is new equipment that could be used in the workplace. That she has as much love for people as she does for structure is indeed positive.

“I’m motivated to see that my work makes a difference for others and that it means something to the organisation. For me, it’s more fun to work hands-on with people rather than to sit and manage from a distance. That just doesn’t suit me.”

Establishing Networks

Nansen thinks that the Master’s Degree from BI taught her to be more aware of the importance of personal relations, networking, and that learning more about oneself is a way of learning more about others. She especially appreciated her fellow students and the trips they took, but also emphasises that several lectures she had in management were perhaps some of the most ‘unforgettable moments.’

“I’ll never forget. We had a lecture on Van Gogh, of all people. It was incredible. At the end, both the lecturer and those of us who sat there had tears in our eyes.”