Today is all about you, and about the three years you have spent completing a bachelor's degree. It’s about all the late nights you have spent preparing for exams, and about the endless hours you have spent in the library. Today is about the times you wanted to give up, but instead kept going.

It’s no ordinary thing to complete a bachelor's degree. It’s an achievement that should be celebrated and a moment to be shared.

Even though we are a bit sad to say goodbye, we are most of all very proud of you.


Use the Snapchat or Instagram filter (below) and share your graduation with family, friends and acquaintances!

Feel free to tag @binorwegianbusinesschool on Instagram, or use the hashtag #lifeatbi.


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See recording from the ceremony

Best students

  • Aage James Lovold

    Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Benedicte Overå

    Bachelor i internasjonal markedsføring

  • Hanna Kvamme

    Bachelor of Creative Industries Management

  • Jan Conrad Mjørud

    Bachelor i økonomi og ledelse

  • Marte Cudrio

    Bachelor i eiendomsmegling, jus og økonomi

  • Elise Støyle Alsaker

    Bachelor i kommunikasjonsledelse

  • Knut Henrik Aasheim

    Bachelor i forretningsjus og økonomi

  • Matilde Bratli

    Bachelor i markedsføringsledelse

  • Per Bjarne Bye

    Bachelor i finans

  • Sarah Noe Brogaard

    Bachelor i Retail Management

  • Silje Meese

    Bachelor i internasjonal markedsføring

  • Snorre Lunde

    Bachelor i regnskap og revisjon

  • Sven Lyngholm

    Bachelor i økonomi og administrasjon

  • Tove Bruhn

    Bachelor i entreprenørskap og økonomi

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