Free Mover programme

Courses and fees

Free Mover students can choose freely from a wide range of courses taught in English across disciplines.


Below you will find the courses available to Free Movers and exchange students. Course lists are updated 2-3 months before each semester starts. Until then, please consult the course lists from previous semesters as there are usually only minor changes in the course selection.

Workload and credits
At BI Norwegian Business School, 30 ECTS make up a full semester workload. Master level courses are usually 6 ECTS each, and bachelor level courses are normally 7.5 ECTS each. Master students are allowed to enroll in bachelor courses.

Prerequisites and course descriptions
Some courses require certain prerequisites. Please read the course descriptions carefully to make sure you meet the requirements for each course. They also provide detailed information about course content, expected learning outcomes, examinations, and assessment methods.

Tuition fees 2017-18

Bachelor level courses
NOK 9825 per course of 7.5 ECTS. A normal full-semester workload is 30 ECTS, i.e. NOK 39 300.

Master level courses
NOK 8950 per course of 6 ECTS. A normal full-semester workload is 30 ECTS, i.e. NOK 44 750. Master students can take bachelor level courses as well.

Non-EU/EEA applicants: please note that only full-time students (30 ECTS per semester) are eligible for a study permit in Norway.