Incoming Double Degree

Application process

The application process starts at your home university. Bachelor level Double Degree students are nominated by their home university to spend a year (or two) at BI in Oslo.


  • Nomination deadline: 15 April
  • Student application deadline: 15 April
  • Housing application deadline: 1 May

Admission criteria

Double Degree students are nominated by the coordinator from their home university, and must comply with their university's admission criteria and the criteria set at BI. 

How to apply

  1. Coordinators at our partner institutions nominate their students (by 15 April)
  2. Students receive a link from their coordinator to our online application portal, and they have to submit the application and the required documents to BI by 15 April.
  3. Students receive further information about admission and housing by email
  4. Students submit the Pre-Application for Housing by 1 May.
  5. BI sends out Admission Letters (late May).