Practical Information

Study Permit

Immigration rules differ according to your citizenship. If you have doubts about which category you belong to, please enter your nationality in UDI’s application guide to see what applies. 

Non-EU/EEA citizens:  Study Permit

Please visit UDI’s website for information about the application process for your citizenship. Follow the link Want to apply to see what applies to you, and follow all the steps carefully. 

Find out here if you can visit Norway without a visa. If you can visit Norway without a visa, that also means you can apply for your study permit after arrival in Norway. If you chose to apply after arriving, it is very important that you complete your whole application in Norway. It is not possible to submit the online application to your country and turn in supporting documents in Norway. Note that it will also delay the process if you wait until after arrival, and you might have to wait considerably longer to receive your residence permit. We recommend that you apply for a study permit before arriving in Norway.

Application Fee for a Study Permit: NOK 5,400 payable to the Norwegian Government. Please note that the amount is subject to change. 

Non-EU/EEA citizens: Proof of Finance

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) requires you to transfer money to BI’s deposit account in order to secure a study permit. More detailed information will be provided for applicants upon receiving an offer of admission. Please note that the amount is to cover one year of tuition fees and one year of living expenses. For the 2019-20 academic year, this amount is approximately NOK 206,000.

Further, please note that this money is only deposited to BI Norwegian Business School. This means that you have not paid for housing or tuition, and will have to pay these via invoice, from the deposit account. The money will be transferred back to you once you open a Norwegian Bank Account. Before the money is transferred to your Norwegian account, you have access to it for paying bills and withdrawing cash.

If your study permit is not granted or if you withdraw before the deadline specified in your student contract, your financial deposit will be refunded to you.

Please note that students who are part of BI’s exchange programme are exempt from this requirement.

EU/EEA citizens*: Registration Scheme

You do not need a study permit to study in Norway, but you must register online after arrival (not before) at Please wait for further instructions from your programme administration at BI.

*Citizens of Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden are exempt from the registration scheme.