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Welcome to BI’s Library, one of Europe’s most modern academic libraries.

The library services available at BI Norwegian Business School include the main library in Oslo, the libraries at Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger campuses, as well as the digital library, which is always open!

For information about opening hours, maps, facilities and contact information, check each library’s home page.


The library’s collection mirrors BI’s research and teaching. Regardless of when or where you want to study or research, our digital library will always give you access to information resources, subject databases, electronic journals, and e-books. You will also find tips on searching the academic literature, and information on research support.

The Norwegian Advertising History Collection

A collection of material relating to Norwegian advertising history is available at the main library, donated in 1989 to the Norwegian School of Marketing by Thor Bjørn Schyberg.

The collection comprises specialist books, slides of advertising posters, newspaper ads, work books and other historical material related to advertising in Norway. The collection also contains framed posters which have been displayed throughout the BI Oslo building. Some of these posters can be found in the library.

If you have questions regarding the collection please contact  Hilde Marie Sandstrak

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