Article collections

Article collections will be printed only in exceptional cases.

Article collections

Article collections are reprints of copyrighted material and sales are therefore regulated by the Kopinor agreement. 

Check the following before ordering:

  • Chapters and articles will be available, along with other literature, via Talis Aspire Reading Lists. This system makes it easier for BI to manage reading lists, and gives students direct access to everything BI has access to online.

    The library will be responsible for direct links to the literature listed in the reading lists. PDFs of articles are no longer to be uploaded to its learning. However, you are encouraged to link from its learning to the reading lists.
  • Reprints must be within the permissible range allowed by the Kopinor agreement (in Norwegian). Up to 15% of the total number of pages of a book can be copied. Bibliographic information about the excerp must be specified in the course description, as BI has to report the use of all pages with the copyriht holder and pay an additional copyright clearance fee for all pages. In such cases, please contact Dagmar Langeggen.
  • Create a table of contents with exact references to the journal or book the articles/excerpts are taken from. Write up the references in the order you want them printed in the collection.

    The article collection will include a front page specifying the course name, number and date of the course, along with a default text from Kopinor regarding copyright.

If the article collection is to be sold in Akademika please contact BI forlag. Otherwise order directly via the online printing service (information in Norwegian on the BI Intranet).


Price is based on cost of printing and payment to copyright holders (agreement with Kopinor). In order not to accumulate a large stock, only a few article collections are printed at first, then by “copy on demand”.


Compendiums are written by BI faculty, published by BI Forlag and only sold via bookstores. At BI Oslo compendiums can be bought at Akademika.