Cases for teaching purposes

BI Norwegian Business School is a member of The Case Centre. The Case Centre offers cases from, among others, Harvard Business School, INSEAD and London Business School.

For a fee faculty can register with The Case Centre and order cases for teaching purposes. The person who orders will be invoiced from The Case Centre and must ensure that the invoice is paid by their department. The Library does not order cases, but can assist in the process.

As a registered user you can download inspection copies in pdf, before ordering for a whole class.

Cases can be delivered electronically and can be stored at itslearning, or copied and distributed to the number of students specified in the order. You must order one copy per student, minimum 5 copies. Access to electronic cases is automatically removed 2 weeks after the end of the course.

Cases cannot be copied without permission from The Case Centre.

Contact person at the Library: Nina Fretheim

Buying cases

Downloading purchased files

  • Login to
  • Choose "My Library" under "My account" menu. Here you will also find your invoice which must be sent to the accounts department for payment. Remember to add cost center and project number before sending
  • Choose "View Purchased items" and download the file from the list

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