Electronic books in many subjects, including economics, business, social sciences, humanities and technology.


  • E-books are available 24/7 on- and off-campus
  • You can search in the contents 
  • It is not necessary to download a book in order to read it. Just use "Read online".
  • E-books that are available via the BI Library are an alternative/supplement to printed books
  • E-books that are available to the library have a certain amount of restrictions, for example on copying, printing, and number of simultaneous users. This can vary from book to book. 
  • Register as a user in order to: make a bookshelf, make annotations, etc.
  • It is not possible to download a whole book for loan
  • It is possible to download up to 5% of a book as a PDF 

The library buys e-books that are available on those platforms to which BI Library has access. They are only available in a format supported by these platforms (we cannot, for example, buy Kindle-books).


  • Via BI’s network


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