Oslo Børs Informasjon

Company information and financial market data for Norwegian listed companies. Access restricted to students writing a thesis for a BI program.


Daily closing prices for all securities listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Financial information for Norwegian listed companies. Financial results, money markets, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and detailed information about mutual fund returns. In English


  • Share prices: From 1980 -   
  • Stocks and bonds indexes: From 1983 - 
  • Derivatives prices: From 1992-  
  • Updates twice a year 

Student access

ONLY students writing thesis for a BI program are allowed access to this database.
In order to use Oslo Børs Information each student need to sign a user agreement. It has to be signed by thesis supervisor as well. Fill out the agreement and return it to your library. You  will then receive the password in order to access the database.

Faculty access