Eikon/Datastream support

Datastream contains company and market information, and international macroeconomics data. Our Datastream experts answer your questions on how to use the database. There are weekly drop-in sessions (Oslo, C5), but day and time may vary from week to week. Please check our activity list at the bottom of this page.

Support by phone, E-mail and Skype

  • Phone: +47 464 10 270 The supervisor is available by phone during the time for drop-in sessions only. 
  • E-mail: You can send questions to Replies will be sent a couple of times a week.
  • Skype: To make an appointment, send an e-mail to with your Skype-ident, your question and a print screen, or call 464 10 270 during the drop-in session.
  • Thomsom Reuters helpdesk: +44 870 458 1052

FAQ for Eikon/Datastream

By the library's supervisor (Pdf)

Datastream E-learning

In Thomson Reuters Knowledge Network there are several options for guidance. Knowledge Live &…


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