Contact librarians

Each department has a contact librarian who can assist new staff and PhD candidates, and who specializes in department relevant information resources and services.

Why contact librarians?

A contact librarian associated with each department assures us that faculty is acquainted with the library's information resources and services. The library is also ensured closer contact with the academic environment, which is important when developing good library services.

What can a contact librarian assist with?

Find the contact librarian for your department:

Senior Librarian

Nina Fretheim

  • Department of Economics (from 1/7 - 31/12-2017)
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Senior Librarian

Sigrid Noer Gimse

Services - Library,
  • Department of Accounting Auditing and Business Analytics
  • Department of Finance
Senior Librarian

Ingun Grytli

  • Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
Senior Librarian

Linnea Lund Jacobsen

  • Department of Marketing
Senior Librarian

Toril Sigstadstø

  • Department of Communication and Culture (from 1/7 - 31/12-2017)
Senior Librarian

Astrid Heltne

Library - Research and Academic Resources
  • Department of Communication and Culture
  • Department of Economics

On leave 1/7 - 31/12-2017